Un peu de graphisme pour la couverture du livret d’une symphonie écrite par un ami, Akos Dobay: “The Genetics of Chess Openings has been inspired by Homayoun Bagheri while we were working together at the University of Zurich. I would like to dedicate this work to our friendship and to the very good moments we spent together on various research projects. The Genetics of Chess Openings translates chess openings played on an 8 by 8 chess board and map them onto a diatonic scale. Based on the very same molecular mechanisms found in the cell such as inversion, recombination, point mutation and many other combinatorial operations, this work brings the traditional alphanumeric technique of composition into the modern era of genetic engineering.
I also want to dedicate this work to Lucian Metianu, for our friendship and for his constant mentoring. Finally, I want to thank my friend Olivier Chenevart for designing the cover.”

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